Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Hijackers and The Innocent

Quite turbulent times. I wanted to go this week to Nanyuki to talk to the people involved in our Engineers Without Borders project, but the plan was changed due to a incident which had happened to Peter Kamweru in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. He was carjacked and held hostage for about 4 hours. The hijackers took everything he had including the car, which was supposed to be used by me in the field. Peter is alright, but still traumatized by the incident. In that night 4 different cars were taken and the owners robbed. We are still hopeful that the car will be recovered, because the other 3 cars were found parked at various locations.

That was a shock to all of us, but life moves on.
The plan is driving to Nanyuki tomorrow and to talk to the Segera Mission Clinic and the Endana Community early on Monday Morning.

Today (Saturday), I went to the girls home to interact with the kids, since it is their day off from school. I had a fantastic time and the kids are just great. Besides engaging with the children, I try to help where I can before I move out to the field. On Friday, Nahashon and myself drove to Nakuru to help out two former street kids, who have some computer skills as well as furniture making skills and who have started a small home for street kids. The kids battle sickness every once in a while but going to the hospital is far too expensive to keep this little NGO going. We hooked them up with a Presbytery health center “Nakuru West” and we are hopeful to get them almost free health care there. This NGO is called “Blue-G Outreach Programme”.

Nahashon and myself are in the process to open up a Barclays Bank Account and as soon as I have it, I will let you all know. We are getting close to start fundraising for our own home for orphans in Limuru area and we will need all help we can get. There is no overhead and all funds will be going straight to the needs of the kids. I would like to stress that this initiative is run only by Nahashon, his wife and myself.

I have attached a few photos from the girls home in Limuru which is managed by the East Africa Partnership. I hope you are all well and any help is highly appreciated. Volunteers are always welcome.

Hugs and all the best from Kenya,


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