Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Planning for the 400 Acre Irrigation is in Full Swing

Prof. Bill Cooper made it safely back to California just in time before air traffic over Europe totally collapsed due to the volcanic eruption inIceland. Prof. Colette Cozean did not have such luck and was stuck in Kenya for an additional 4 days, which was lucky for us and the project, because we all continued to solve critical issues. The planning for the 2000 acres set aside for irrigation in Tseikuru is in full swing. We also were invited to help to irrigate about 400 acres on a farm owned and managed by the founderof Gretsa University in Thika. The farm is beautiful and this could be a very nice additional project to get the surrounding community working and food supplies.

I continue to make contacts in the country and talked to Irrico International, a commercial irrigation company based in Nairobi. We had a fruitful 4th discussion about potential irrigation systems for the various areas. In the last week, I spent some more time with our girls in the Girls Home to fix up the greenhouse and to talk about making the surrounding farm more productive. This week, I will go to Nyeri to get important information about a 50 acre land set aside for irrigation.

I will continue my trip to go"home" to Nanyuki, the town I have spent my first time ever in Kenya and Ireally like it. I need to find supplies for the initial ground work for ourfootbridge project with Engineers Without Borders Orange CountyProfessionals. I am looking forward to get out in the field again after quite a bit of time I have spent on my computer.

All the best from Kenya.